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Hobo Exhibit

The sounds of crackling fire and rustling trees set the stage as two hobos have a conversation detailing what life was really like for them. Object theater techniques work to create the sense of being in an actual hobo camp.

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The BORM Hobo Exhibit provides a glimpse into the unconventional life of these drifters

Hobo Exhibit

Immerse yourself in the Hobo Experience

Hobo History

Discover the fascinating history of hobos and their iconic journey across the American railroad system. Dating back to the late 19th century, hobos were nomadic travelers who hopped freight trains in search of adventure, work, and a sense of freedom during challenging times. Their stories of resilience, camaraderie, and resourcefulness paint a vivid picture of a bygone era. At the Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum, we honor the legacy of these intrepid souls and invite you to learn more about their captivating experiences aboard the rails.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone that donated their time or funds to help the BF Tower Project become a reality! This addition helps the Bradford Railroad Museum enhance the visitor experience, preserve Bradford's rich railroad history and restore this important structure to it's former glory.

Make plans to visit and see for yourself! You won't be disappointed...

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