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The Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum is committed to celebrating and sharing the history of the railroad in our region. We are fortunate to have such an amazing community of stories and experiences to share with our visitors.

Please feel free to explore the .pdf files and links below to Learn More about our railroad heritage...



Old Newspaper Articles

1960 Freight Train Schedule

Bradford's Railroad History

A Brief History of BF Tower

Railroads of Darke County



Railroad History at the Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum
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Pennsylvania Railroad Bradford Railroad Museum

1869 - 1968

Penn Central Railroad BORM


Conrail Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum


The dates above are the years that each of these railroads were active in Bradford.

We are pleased to present the photography of Dick Acton Sr.  Mr. Acton was a railfan who made numerous trips to Bradford in the 1950s to photograph the Pennsylvania Railroad. Mr. Acton's pictures are now in the collection of railfan David Oroszi who has been kind enough to make them available to us. Imagine standing next to Mr. Acton when he took these photos and being able to witness first-hand these scenes from Bradford's railroad history.

Photos Along the Bradford Line
Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum

This picture shows Penn Central train IE-10 coming off the Greenville line and starting by the tower in 1971.   Photo by Jerry Taylor.  Used with permission.

Bradford Ohio Railroad Museum

Above is an eastbound Conrail freight passing Piqua Crossing tower in 1980.   Photo by Bob Jetmore.

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